We Are Selling Only Liabilities That Attract No Benefits – Almakura

Governor Umar Tanko Almakura f Nasarawa State.



Governor Tanko  Almakura of Nasarawa State has Cleared the air on the controversies surrounding the proposed sales of some Government assets in the state.

The governor made this known during an expanded council meeting with all political appointees in the service of Nasarawa state saying that the properties in question are those that have become liabilities that attract no benefit to the state

He regretted the situation where he made it known that many people have resulted to blackmail government and creating stories about the administration selling all of government properties which was false.

He said some of the properties especially those in Lagos , Kaduna and Jos are illegally occupied and encroached upon, hence the decision to dispose of the properties and use the money to develop the state’s structure in the business district of the Federal Capital .

Gov. Almakura explained that the sale of the properties would be done in a very open transparent manner so as to allow participation by all interested parties that are willing to pay the price set by the government.

“Some of the houses were left abandoned and decayed for over ten (10) years , take for example some of the 12 properties of the state which were inherited during the creation of the state which were not handed over for over 17 years, and some of the properties were recovered after legal processes that dragged on for many years”, he explained .

He stated that some of the structures were built in the 70s and have been in a bad condition for years; even as some of the structures had been illegally occupied and encroached by a security outfit that was claiming ownership.

He explained that one structure in Kaduna would be retained to serve as the Kaduna State Liaison Office for official’s that go for regional meetings.

He made it known that they were not excited or had any benefit in selling government properties , but in a situation where the state is at the brink of losing the properties, it is better sold than left to vanish.

The Governor further stating that all due processes had been carried out starting with the inspection by him personally, taking over by the Attorney General and Ministry of justice after lengthy litigation , valuation , accent by the State Executive Council and resolved by the State Assembly .

The Governor explained that not all government properties under the Nasarawa Investment and Property Development Company (NIPDC) would be sold, explaining that the Glass House that houses the NIPDC itself would not be sold but instead they would ensure that edifice is put to proper use.

He explained that Government was taking the decisions in the best interest of the state as against the properties been subject to fraudulent activities or other ventures that would further incur liability to the state Government .


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