Nigerians React To Atiku’s Statement On Unity, Abolishing State Of Origin

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar


Nigerians have continued to laud former Vice President and All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain, Alhaji Akitu Abubakar for his expression that Nigeria belongs to everyone and not some group of individuals who incite youth against each other.

This is coming after a statement he made and signed at the weekend in Abuja where he advised that the state of origin clause should be removed from the country’s constitution if Nigerians are to live in unity.

According to him, it is still mysterious that some group of people are asking others to vacate their region, making it look like the country has  already been divided.

The former VP told those concerned (the vacating order) not to take the threat notice seriously.

Speaking to the New Nigerian Mr. Luke Obi Amadi, a spare-parts  dealer in Kaduna, told this reporter that he was born in Jos, Plateau State and has spent his life and done business in the Northern part of the country, adding that his four children were all born in the region. For him, Akitku statements were coming at the right time, stating it will help to stabilize the heated polity.

On his party, Mr. Kanayo Agbafe wondered why men of honour and integrity like the APC chieftain were not often listened to, stressing the need that they are the kind of leaders the North needs.

“People like Atiku are full-blown and fledged Nigerians and should be respected” he concluded.

On her part Mrs. Nnamdi Eze a petty trader advised people from her region to also make statement that will not divide the nation as every  Nigerian is one.


  1. Well said Atiku,A rare Northern Leader.
    This is really the way to go, bringing back the humanity in us and understanding that God created us differently for reason and its left for us to try to understand and tolerate one another for the period we have on earth.
    An eye for an eye will do us no good and I urge the NASS to do the needful about the so called “State Of Origin” before we all kill ourselves over nothing.
    One Love Nigerians and God bless us all.


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