Look Inward, Niger Commissioner Tells Youth Crying Against Neglect

Niger Governor, Sani Bello

By; BALA  B. BITRUS, Minna

Members of the Youth Wing of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in Bosso council area of Niger State who are tired of unfulfilled promises by their representatives in government as well as the state government’s refusal to offer them means of livelihood, stormed the office of the Commissioner for Youths and Sports Development in the state to register their grievances and dismay but they got a shocker instead.

The aggrieved youths led by Abdul Baba recounted all the sweet promises made to them especially during the electioneering campaigns by those in government today but regretted that they have been used and discarded to continue to live in abject penury.

The youths, representing different wards in Bosso council area of the state, accused elected government officials including the Commissioner for neglecting them after they got elected and appointed into public offices. They said they were not happy with the APC led government in the state for treating them like chaff.

Their spokesman said several of them were graduates of universities and other tertiary educational institutions who were hopeful of being employed by the government or empowered to be gainfully engaged in private ventures to be on their own but regretted that two years into the life of the administration, the government has remained silent over their plight.

”Many of us are university degree holders, HNDs and NCE graduates, but we have remained jobless and unemployed. We cannot fend for ourselves as we still depend on our parents to survive after they have suffered to pay for our school fees” according to the youth’s leader.

He complained that poverty and hunger was wasting many of them who have been reduced to pitiable looks while those who were elected as lawmakers at both state and National Assemblies were flaunting their wealth as the gap between the poor and the rich widens daily without abatement.

The youths accused their elected representatives for running away from them and keeping long distance while the government at the centre has not impacted on them and their communities.

But the state’s Commissioner for Youths and Sports Development, Mamman Musa while addressing the youths, challenged them to be proactive and not to expect ready made handouts from the state government.

He said it was not possible for them to get hundred percent financial support from the administration as the present administration is not a father Christmas. He charged them to be inward looking and evolve ways of help themselves to acquire skills and create jobs to become employers of labour.

The Commissioner told them that as able bodied persons, they must not be spoonfed adding that they have resourceful ideas, energy and were mentally balanced to be self reliant and productive to generate wealth and help in growing the economy of the state with little or no reliance on the state government.

He told them that it was not possible for the state government to provide all their financial needs due to limited resources in the face of several critical areas competing for the lean resources.

He told them that unemployment and limited financial resources have crippled the ability and plans of the state and the federal governments and cut short the development programmes of the APC led administration at both the centre and the state levels.

The Commissioner therefore urged the grieving youths to return home and evolve ways they could be useful to themselves and their fatherland instead of churning out barrage of complaints and demand on the government.

He tasked them to key into the various empowerment schemes laid out by the state government for job creation including the CBN youth empowerment scheme in agriculture and other incentives for women and youths development.

And to soften his hard words on the youths, the Commissioner however promised to convey their message to Governor Bello even as he insisted that they should come up with a ‘reasonable’ proposal for a project that would be of collective benefits to their community.


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