Lagos Begins Modernization Of Motor Parks

Gov Ambode Akinwunmi of Lagos State.
Relentless in making the state a mega city of note, Lagos State Government has begun the modernization of motor parks with the determination to rid them of nuisance.
It has therefore issued a seven-day ultimatum to operators of inter-state  buses to relocate to the designated inter-state motor parks at Ojodu Berger and Ojota areas of the state.
The government also restricted inter-state buses and vehicles which operate along Ikorodu Road from moving beyond Ojodu Berger and Ojota motor parks.
Operators who disobey the order will be penalized, the government said.
Mr. Steve Ayorinde, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, stated this during an inspection of on-going construction of modern bus terminals and beautification projects in Yaba and Jibowu areas of the state recently.
The implementation of the decision, he declared, was prompted by the determination of governor Akinwunmi Ambode to rid the state motor parks of nuisances and instill environmental sanity in the state.
“This,” Ayorinde clarified, “is a follow-up on the visit of governor Ambode to this axis last night and was very unpleased with what he saw particularly in the manner with which long buses, inter-state buses are using the main town and what we have done so far is the initial announcement to say that henceforth we will no longer allow inter-state buses to be along Ikorodu Road.”
According to the commissioner, the inspection was a follow-up to an earlier visit to the area.
He also pointed out that formal quit notices had been served on the affected operators earlier.
He said the inter-state bus operators have to henceforth go to Ojota and Ojodu Berger which are the two designated inter-state motor parks.
“The ones that we have here I Jibowu will have to move and there is a seven-day ultimatum foreveryone of them, beginning from the ones in this axis, to move,” Ayorinde stressed.
He gave the reason for the ban, describing the activities of the operators as untidy and indecent, in spite of repeated warnings to them by the authorities.
Government could no longer sit and watch such environmental nuisance to continue so that the people in the state would not be exposed to the health and social hazards inherent in such attitudes towards the environment, the commissioner stated.
He gave an example with new Hersey Barricades there that were being destroyed, noting that they were built with taxpayers’ money.
“Yes!” he exclaimed, “the initial accident was caused by a vehicle but we have seen people showing disrespect to taxpayers’ money and that we can no longer allow.”
Ayorinde added that the areas that were affected by the ban used to harbor criminals who menace the society.
He explained that government has provided sufficient spaces at Ojodu Berger and Ojota for inter-state bus operators.
The Information and Strategy chief announced that a stakeholders’ meeting would be held to discuss how to allocate spaces to operators at the new sites.


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