Isoko Youth Threaten To Take Up Arms Against FG Over Exclusion From Amnesty Programme

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State


The Isoko National Youth Assembly World-Wide have threatened to take
up arms against the Federal Government over an alleged exclusion to in
the ongoing Non-Violent Phase of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

New Nigerian Newspapers gathered that the youth warned that their peaceful disposition where their counterparts have been violent should not be taken for cowardice.

“We have the capacity like every other youths to cause deadly violence
if our demands to be enrolled in the Amnesty Programme in heeded to
bring lasting peace, development, and stability to the Niger Delta by
the Federal Government.”

President of Isoko National Youth Assembly, Comrade Ovie Umuakpo
handed down the threat on behalf of its Members and Executive at a
World Press Conference held at the Aradhe Community town hall in Isoko
North Local Government Area.

While noting that Isoko Nation which is the fifth largest producer of
crude oil in Nigeria and the largest Onshore Producer of oil Umuakpo
stated that the Federal Government has neglected the people in several
areas including the exclusion from the Non-Violent Phase of the
Programme  especially with the ongoing Scholarship Programme for those
who wish to further their education at “Masters Level” where youths
from other ethnic nationalities are already benefitting.

Umuakpo called on the Federal Government to urgently open talks with
the Elders and Youth Leaders with a view to enrolling the youths into
the Amnesty Programme.

“The FG must act urgently to dissuade the overtly peaceful and patient
youths of Isoko extraction from the growing notion that development of
our region can only become feasible by violent agitation.”

“Any peace process which cannot be said to be all-inclusive and may
after all be futile.”

” We are therefore calling on government to declare an affirmative
action to support the peace loving youth and people of Isoko.”

“As a youth group we have embarked on massive and extensive campaign
aimed at dissuading our youths from resorting to vandalism since
according to the narrative it pays better than remaining peaceful.”

“We can no longer guarantee the peaceful disposition of our youths any longer.”

Umuakpo also threatens to shut down the operations of Nigerian
Petroleum Development Corporation, NPDC within the next two weeks if
it fails to mobilize for the clean up of Ogini land where an oil spill
which led to environmental degradation recently.

Umuakpo condemned the poor maintenance of oil facilities by the
company in the flow station.

He also raised several other issues which includes the  call on the
Management of Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited to avail
itself for renegotiation and creation of a new Community Development
Board, CDB solely for Isoko people


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