Insubordination: Judge Threatens Clerks




A judge of the High Court of Lagos State sitting in Igbosere Street, Lagos Island, has rebuked two court clerks in her court for allegedly issuing a reproduction warrant without her authorization.

Justice Sybil Nwaka who was annoyed by the action of the clerks expressed shock that the duo, Tayo and Oluwole, could behave in such manner.

“The two of you are up to something,” she said, stressing that “it is only the judge that has the right to order reproduction warrant.”

She told the two officers who were denying knowledge of how the docked accused was brought to court that she would remove them from serving in her court.

“My hands are clean,” Nwaka declared in defence of her innocence, saying that any attempt by the two officers to put her in trouble will not succeed.  “Every day is for the thief, but one day is for the owner,” the trial judge stressed.

An accused, Mr. Tunde Adewale, was brought before the jurist for hearing of his bail application.  Having not authorized his appearance in court, Justice Nwaka therefore ordered that the defendant has to be returned to his detention place.

“I don’t even know the charge against him.  It’s only the bail application brought before me; you signed a production warrant on your own without my knowledge.  I’m going to send the two of you away from this court,” she stated.

She struck out the motion for bail, and ruled that the accused be taken back to the prison from where he was brought before her.


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