Hunger, Unemployment Causing  Agitations For Restructuring, Secession – Okowa

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has declared that hunger and unemployment are the main causes of the series of  agitation for restructuring and secession from various groups and tribes in Nigeria

The governor stated this in Ibadan on Friday evening while speaking with newsmen after delivering the 2017 Alumni Lecture of the University of Ibadan, entitled: ‘Good Governance for Weather Creation and Sustainable Development: Experiences and Lessons,’ held at the Trenchard Hall in the Institution.

According to the Delta state governor, there cant be any of such agitations ”  if there is enough food in the country and youths are gainfully employed,” saying they won’t care about the system of government that operates in the country.

Dr Okowa emphasized that as at present, Nigerians need restructuring of minds and policies and not the agitation for political restructuring into regional government as it was before military incursion into politics, adding that the on going persistent agitations for political restructuring of country from different parts of the nation via regional lines bordered clearly showed the failures of the governance system in the country as with good governance, people would not care about the system of governance.

“The issues of restructuring are in many parts. You can see as at today, the discourse on restructuring is in various parts; some are agitating for restructuring of system of governance, some are agitating for restructuring in terms of geo-political zones and all manner of things, that is not the key thing.” he said.

The Delta state governor added that “what we need to do first is to restructure our minds and to restructure our policies in such a way that governance is directly linked to the people and whatever we do, we must ensure that it’s all inclusive.”

“When the  people are happy and when we are actually beginning to impact on the people in a more positive way and there is less hunger and more employment, you’ll find that people will have less discourse on issues of restructuring and issues on secession.Those things won’t come to mind, the holistic thing is that all these issues are actually bordering more on failures of governance.”

Speaking further, he said “I am not saying restructuring is not important. But they are bordering more on the failures of the governance system to such an extent that people are now feeling very pained over the years. It’s not the fault of one particular government. Over the years, we have failed to diversify the economy.”

Lamenting that Nigeria as a country concentrated on the oil economy and destroyed the agricultural economy and industrialisation, the governor said . “we refuse to use money from oil to critically address those issues and that is what has brought us to where we are. It is the pain that the people are going through that is making people to begin to talk about the discourse of restructuring.