Hausas In Plateau Describe Secessionist Tendencies From IPOB As Bad Omen



Jasawa Cultural Group in Jos comprising of Hausas has described the recent crisis that generated from the secessionist  as a bad omen to the states affected by series of crises in the past.
While the violent agitation by Nnamdi Kanu-led Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), which also led to killing of some innocent people, and have escalated apprehension across some states in the North, yet such action does not cause for any act of reprisal, with us here, the group said in a statement signed by its President, Ibrahim Shehu Masalla.
 “While we condemn in stronger terms the IPOB, violent ways of agitation, our community also sees the extension of the upheavals in Jos, as uncalled for, more so that our quest for the consolidations and possible sustainability of the hard earned relative peace is not tempered with.
 The group directed  youth  to be seen as the vanguard of such peace projects, rather than seen acting on the path that will thwart the gain of peace, which they are also part of achieving same, in the past.
We call for calmness, patience, forgiveness and peaceful coexistence among all people, so that the unhealthy situation of the past could not rear its ugly heads on our door steps, any more.
They further appeal to all and sundry, to have confidence in the Federal Government, who is on top of things and also give it the chance of dealing with the situations in the South East, than trying to take the law into our hands.
 Jasawa also commended Governor, Simon Lalong,for the immediate steps taken  towards nipping the situation on its bud, while also appreciating the security agencies for their prompt response.



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