Governor Abubakar Condemns Biafran Agitators’ Attack On Northerners

Gov Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State
Governor Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi State has condemned the recent attacks on northerners in the south eastern part of the country by Biafra agitators, and urged authorities to bring the perpetrators to book.
The governor in a press statement he personally signed and issued to Journalists Friday in Bauchi said he was deeply concerned about the needless disturbances in some parts of the south east which caused fear and uncertainty in the nation.
”I therefore condemn strongly these callous acts and sue for calm, especially among those who feel hurt and aggrieved and may be therefore tempted to take the law into their hands”, governor said.
He therefore urged relevant authorities to bring to book the perpetrators and sponsors of this brigandage as quickly as possible so as to nip this crisis in the bud.
Abubakar appealed to all Nigerians to desist from fanning the embers of disunity by spreading hate and falsehood especially through the social media.
The governor recommended that genuine grievances be addressed and redressed through legitimate channels like the law court or the legislature.
He regretted that at a time the country exited from economic recession, forces of darkness were determined to plunge it into avoidable mayhem instead of directing their collective efforts at nation building and consolidating on the modest economic gains.
”Nigeria belongs to all of us. We have no other country. Therefore no single individual or group is greater than the nation. Finally, I wish to commend the peace loving people of Bauchi state for protecting and promoting peaceful co-existence and harmony in the state. I urge religious and community leaders to preach the virtues of tolerance and mutual understanding”, Abubakar implored.
It was learnt that reported attacks in some states of the south east by the biafran agitators on northerners in the past few days had  Thursday triggered another violence in Jos, Plateau state  which made the state government to imposed a curfew in the state capital.


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