Go Round FC Assistant Coach Predicts Promotion

Caleb Esu, Assistant Coach Go Round FC
Go Round FC assistant coach, Caleb Esu has declared that he is coming to Omoku to help the team gain promotion to the Nigeria Professional Football League.
The former Unicem Rovers tactician  joined at the start of the season to assist Ngozi Elechi, told New Nigerian Sports through its media officer, China Acheru, that his joining Go Round FC is for a purpose.
“And to  prove  to my critics that I have what it takes to work anywhere, any day and any department of the Leaque in respective of the  division.
“I was a Team Manager and coach at Unicem Rovers but it had always
been a tussle for me anytime I go home to coach, so I decided to come to a
place I can call a strange land where I am not known to have peace.”
Esu described life in Omoku as different from what he expected before he
left Calabar.
“Omoku is a small town in a Local Government Area which is not in Port
Harcourt. My first experience here was not very palatable but enjoining my staying there now.
“I have summoned up courage to feel at home here, whether the team is in
Port Harcourt or not. It is in Rivers State.”
The soft spoken coach described as cordial, the relationship between
himself and the rest of the technical crew.
“When you come to a new place, you would have to prove yourself which is
what I am doing here.
“The head coach is doing well too and the boys are very accommodating. We
are fighting for the same thing and it is for the club to gain promotion,” he said.
The team in the past couple of years had stuck with Ngozi Elechi as head
coach even though other coaches who worked with him have been changed.
After all Former Sharks FC head coach, Okey Okabie, now on the technical bench of Rivers United, former Bayelsa United coach and Super Eagles goalkeeper, David Ngodingha, as well as Aloma Zaphe last season have been with Go Round FC but the team remained in the search for a ticket to play in the top division.
“To be honest, the players can attest to this. Tactically speaking,
football is a scientific game that grows every day and you must grow with
“That is the reason why i have been introducing the modern trend of the game to the players as a CAF licensed A coach and in a place like this I am taking my time to passionately to introduce certain things to the players that will help them stand out anywhere. With time we will get to the promised land ” he noted.
The team currently sit in 2nd place on the table with six games left to
play and Esu attributes it to team work and understanding that exists
between all parties present.
“I’m not praising myself. As  Football is a team game. The players will do their
bit, coaches, managers and media. Everything is down to seriousness.
Tactically speaking, you do not get the players confused while describing
a strategy to follow.
“You give them a relaxed atmosphere so they can understand what you want
of them. There is a lot of improvement in the team now and I believe the
players can attest to this. The management is doing their bit, same as the
technical officials and players too.
“For now the missing link is in the attack and we believe it will be
different soon as we continue to work on goal scoring,” he added.
In a related development,  Esu  described the club president, Felix Obuah as being like the late Moshood Abiola.
Esu made this comparison while speaking on the time, effort and finances
put in by Obuah to ensure the club, Go Round FC succeeds in its quest to
play in the top flight of Nigerian football.
“I must say the owner of the team is doing a yeoman’s job. This is what
people like Abiola were doing before now. If a man is putting this much,
he should be encouraged.
“If at the end of the day, nothing comes out of it, he may not be
encouraged to do more. It’s a one man arrangement and he will be
encouraged to do more, if he gets results,” Esu said.
He said, just like the giants strides of chief Moshood Abiola, the
president of Go Round FC, Felix Obuah has started the same way, running a
football club for more than a decade and then going one better by building
a Stadium and camp for the team.
“We are all working together for the good of the club. In a state team,
you are offered millions but don’t get it. Here we understand that it is
an individual and the salaries and emoluments are not fat but they come on
time,” Esu said.
Before now, Caleb Esu had coached Calabar Rovers and Udoji United as well
as some other amatuer sides in the country before setting up his own
football academy.


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